Apprenticeship in Germany

Every apprenticeship has its own conditions and curriculum. The conditions throw light upon the various subjects and lectures that are offered and the weightage of marks and credits each of them carries.

Apprenticeships in Germany can be started similar to the academic semesters, in spring or in fall. They contain of two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part, each followed with exams during the courses and exams at the end of the whole apprenticeship.

The grades during the apprenticeships generate the average degree at the end of a program and show, whether the student has been successful or not.

During the theoretical parts, a teacher speaks about various topics regarding the course and its themes in front of a whole class. Whereas in the practical parts, students can apply their knowledge individually and also have the opportunity to be accompanied by teachers or practical guides (ie. Mentorships).

The amount and scheduling from theoretical and practical blocks can vary throughout the different trainings.